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“Friends kayaking on the River Severn discovered a huge 7ft Tuna more than 30 miles inland.

Speaking to the Mail online, Kevin Brady who was there when the beast was discovered said: Steve spotted the fish on his jetski and came to myself and Alec Foster on paddle boards shouting, Ive found a 7ft fish.

We didnt believe him, thinking it must have been a cow or something. It wasnt until we got right up next to it we realised it was really a fish.

There have been some particularly high tides over the last week and experts believe this was a contributing factor in causing the fish to venture so far inland whilst chasing salmon.

Atlantic tuna are being spotted more and more often in British waters, probably because of climate change which is gradually increasing the temperature of our seas.

So next time you flick a bait out on the Severn, you may want to strap yourself into a chair. (dont say it couldnt happen! - Because it could! )eyepopping


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