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Boddington Reservoir - Oxfordshire

new cast
Fishery Type: Carp Commercial
Address: Boddington Reservoir
Near Byfield
Phone #: 01132 816895

Boddington reservoir is up there with the best when it comes to catching bundles of smaller carp, a truly prolific venue where the winning match weight can come from any of the 120+ pegs using a wide variety of methods.

For pleasure anglers looking to get into carping this is a great place to start as you are virtually guaranteed a good days fishing. More experienced anglers may find boddington a little too easy to be anything of a challenge as the carp in there are nothing short of crazy. They will eat virtually any bait you care to use including sweetcorn, maggotts, pellets, bread, paste, cheese, boilies, pepperami... you name it!!

Another highly popular method at this venue has been the locally developed 'baggin waggler' which has been used to great success at places like clattercote and drayton.

Match anglers regularly use the pole to catch the carp as you dont need to cast to the horizon in order to catch fish here, just 6 or 7 metres out is plenty...

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